As a photographer of ballet/dance living in Belgium, I need to travel a lot. I will be showing here some of the photos made during these wanderings. Not to worry, no ballet here - that can be found on my other website For Ballet Lovers Only - just buildings, interiors, landscapes, people, flowers, birds, anything actually that comes in front of the camera and looks worth preserving. Add to that a bit of history and you’ll get the picture of this website.

Travelling with the camera has become something of a ritual. It's hard to imagine going out without my camera. It could be seen as the camera and all what comes with it, travelling with me, but I prefer to think of it the other way. I’m still pushing the button. Just check out the Galleries. Plenty of experimenting, trial and error here too – the world of digital photography is full of wonders – so bear with me.

Recently a friend of mine asked why I take all these pics and spend so much time processing them? Basically, I find taking them is a lot of fun – getting the right angle, or the unusual angle, that special moment etc. - but editing can be as much fun.

Of course, all comments and questions are appreciated and welcomed on the Contact page. Finally, since we live in the 21st century and "sharing" is the magic word, all photographs displayed here are © Marc Haegeman. All rights reserved. Please do not use, download or distribute/share them in any way without my permission. You know where to contact me.

Hope you enjoy too.

Marc Haegeman

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